Tips for Choosing a Staffing Partner

While countless hospital executives, practice managers, and other facility decision-makers can confirm that proficient, experienced nurses offer quality services and continuity of patient care, the decision to use independent contractors can be multifaceted. What’s more, depending on variables like practice specialty, as well as the urgency of your organization’s need and its geographic location, you may find it a challenge to pinpoint the best staffing firm to provide the services you desire. 

There are several factors to consider when seeking a partnership with a staffing firm for your facility or practice, such as whether it has a permanent placement division or can provide complete coverage for your entire schedule. Here, we propose a few things administrators should do when screening agencies. 

  • Speak with different staffing company representatives. Often, these professionals will contact you directly and at times when you may not require their services. When they call, if your schedule permits, take a moment to speak with them or arrange to chat again when it’s more convenient for you. It will allow you to learn about their offerings when you are not pressed for time and trying to fill an urgent need. 
  • Communicate your needs thoroughly. When talking with representatives, establish an open dialogue and ask detailed questions to ensure you have been apprised of and can carefully examine every option available to your hospital, health system, clinic, or practice. In addition to inquiring about the services they provide, ask company representatives how they could best help your facility or practice and what they do that sets them apart from their competitors. While it can be an involved process, it is an important one as it will assist you in finding a locum tenens staffing partner that understands your needs and can effectively work with you to meet your goals. 
  • Outline essential criteria and non-negotiables. This step will make it easier to narrow your choices. For instance, you may want to work with firms that not only provide qualified, seasoned nurses at competitive rates but also offer consulting and/or executive search support.   Establishing these “must-haves” at the onset will help you to more quickly move through the selection process. 
  • Insist on quality. Each staffing firm is different, and the services offered can vary from one company to the next. However, when partnering with an agency, regardless of its length of industry experience or what it can provide for your healthcare organization, always maintain high expectations and demand excellence. 
  • Review your optionsWhile your reasons for using staffing services may be complex, finding companies to evaluate is a fairly simple process. And though you can hold off until the arises, it makes more sense to review your options before an immediate solution is required. 

To learn about Precision Healthcare and how our nursing staffing services could benefit your facility or practice, email to set up a time to speak with a knowledgeable company representative. 

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