how to overcome staffing shortages

It has been almost three years since the COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we knew it. While communities have started to embrace a new normal in hopes of recovering from the many setbacks caused by the pandemic, some challenges such as staffing shortages in the healthcare industry continue to be a growing concern. In fact, a 2021 MGMA stat poll reported that “nearly three in four medical practices rank staffing as their biggest challenge heading into 2022.” Consequently, according to a March 2022 letter from the American Hospital Association, 23% of hospitals have reported critical staffing shortages and have seen a decrease of nearly 105,000 healthcare professionals since February 2020. 

So how can healthcare organizations approach staffing shortages and effectively navigate through these challenges?

4 Strategies for Managing Staffing Shortages

1. Focus on organizational culture to improve current employee satisfaction and increase retention

While it might not seem like a priority when faced with staffing shortages, it is crucial to harbor a workplace culture that acknowledges and takes care of its remaining staff members. With more patients per healthcare professional, longer shifts, and heavier workloads, they require more than just an increased paycheck. By creating a culture that addresses burn out, validates staff’s struggles, and offers them effective resources, organizations can get increased productivity from current employees and become a more desirable workplace for potential candidates.

2. Adopt less human-intensive technologies

By using smart softwares and self-service technologies, organizations can eliminate the need for in-person interactions for less essential operations, such as setting reminders, scheduling appointments, and checking in patients, and allocate the workpower where it’s needed.

3. Explore telehealth/ online health options 

Increasing the use of remote health appointment options would allow healthcare organizations to provide essential care while also helping their current in-person employees manage their workload.

4. Partner with a staffing agency to improve the recruitment and hiring process

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