Precision Healthcare Off-Duty Nurse Saves a life!

BOSTON, MA –  A quick-thinking Precision Healthcare Nurse saves a woman’s life while off duty! Even though he was off the clock, a Precision Healthcare Nurse put in some life-saving overtime when he happened across an accident while traveling down the road on his way to work.

On a Saturday afternoon in mid August, nurse George Rotondo was driving on his way to work. It was just like any other typical day commuting to the hospital, until he noticed a car pulled over on the side of the road that was causing a lot of commotion while he was traveling down McCLellan Highway in East Boston, right next to Suffolk Downs. He pulled over to check and see what was happening and if he could be of some help. He realized that the women in the driver’s seat of the car was not responding, was not breathing and did not even have a pulse! He immediately knew what to do to help and instinctively jumped into action. 

Just as the firefighters were arriving on the scene. George Identified himself to the firefighters that he is a Registered Nurse (also in unform).  The firefighters and Rotondo were trying to arouse the young lady, to no avail.  At that point Rotondo and the firefighter put her on the ground and started CPR due to an apparent overdose. During this time Rotondo administered 3 doses of nasal Narcan while they continued to administer chest compressions. After 2 rounds of CPR and 3 doses of nasal Narcan, the woman was brought back to life!  Rotondo’s quick thinking and assessment of the situation ultimately saved her life!  Boston EMS Paramedics then arrived on the scene and took over. George was then able to continue back on his journey to work.

George acted in a highly professional manner, was calm under pressure and displayed excellent interprofessional team-working skills,. We want to let him and others know that we are so proud of him!

Just another day as a Precision Healthcare Nurse!

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