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How To Select the Right Nursing Recruitment Partner

As the healthcare industry continues to see remarkable growth, recruiting and retaining highly skilled professionals from a talent pool that is striving to keep up, has become a challenge.

With a competitive talent pool, companies need to change the ways they find and hire nurses to keep pace with the demands.  Talent acquisition teams and hiring managers also need to be able to rapidly scale resources—a never-ending balancing act between managing existing resources and planning for future staffing demands.

Below are three useful tips to keep in mind and questions to ask when considering a nursing recruitment partner.

1. Is the niche nursing?

Staffing agencies that work across a range of industries often dilute their effectiveness. Recruiters within these agencies are generalists, filling a variety of roles. Unlike a niche agency, whose recruiters solely focus on healthcare industry-specific experience and skillsets. 

2. What is the search process? 

Especially in specialized nursing roles, a staffing partner is more likely to identify the most qualified candidates for your need.   Research how the agency sources candidates and what methods are used to pre-screen to ensure your requirements are fulfilled.   

3. What is their experience level?

Does the agency have what it takes to fill your specialized roles? Again, this is where a niche healthcare agency versus a range of industries will affect the fulfillment outcome.  Additionally, what experience do the Recruiters have and how educated are they in the industry, and specifically the type of role recruited on.

Ideally, your partner should have the Recruiter participate in conversations to ensure full visibility of requirements and skillsets.  This level of transparency safeguards you receive quality CVs as opposed to a useless quantity of CVs.


Ultimately, asking key questions in advance will result in an effective agency partnership.  In a highly volatile environment, resourcing demands can make or break a project or program. Building and managing a contingent workforce can demand significant time and energy, a recruiting partner can take on the intensive work of finding talent and qualifying candidates around precise requirements. 

In closing, whether you need a nurse or an entire team, Precision Healthcare can secure nurses to build, scale, and efficiently manage staffing shortages.  Contact us today to get the discussion started. 

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