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Considering a Shift to Travel Nursing?

So many questions arise when contemplating a career change into travel nursing.  Questions such as housing, continuity of assignments, finding the assignment perfect for you…etc. To help clarify some of the obscurity you may be facing, our Precision Healthcare Recruiters canvassed our travel nurses for their tips and guidance in breaking down some of these daunting issues you may be facing. 



Decide whether you are open to travel or whether you would prefer a local assignment.  While moving across the country for an assignment, temporary or long-term may be desirable, many nurses prefer not to leave everything familiar to their lifestyle. It is helpful to have some flexibility in your first assignments as many facilities do require prior travel nursing experience, so that first assignment is important if you are truly weighing this as a career.


Finding short-term housing can be a daunting process, especially if it is in a new city or state. However, many resources are specifically tailored to travel nurses to assist in finding short-term accommodations.  You will be given a housing stipend or an adjusted rate to cover a housing allowance. The choice of where you stay will be yours to decide.  Our team of recruiters is fully equipped to guide you through the process.


Your first assignment might not be your dream job….alternatively, it just might be!  The reality is, you might not find any given assignment to be a perfect fit. While this can make an assignment less than ideal, assignments generally run 13 weeks.  Communicating with your recruiter early on can ensure that you have options to stay if you love it, or move to a different assignment for a better fit.


A common concern is whether or not you will be lonely on the road.  It seems daunting to leave friends and family and head out on your own.  Our nurses have experienced a wonderful community of other travelers and coworkers during their assignments.  There will be plenty of other travel nurses that share your situation who have the same trepidation, and excitement.


Our experienced recruiters at Precision Healthcare will guide you and communicate with you proactively for your continuity if the contract is going well. Or they will find you another assignment, if you prefer to make a move.  The hourly rate for travel nurses can be as high as 30-50% higher than the hourly rate for staff nurses. This higher rate allows travel nurses to decide on their work commitment throughout the year.  Some travel nurses prefer to work continuously throughout the year. The higher compensation for travel nursing can also afford a lifestyle where nurses can work less weeks during the year, while still maintaining their full time compensation level.

Travel nursing is a significant change from staff nursing, but there are many resources to guide you through it to make it a successful experience.  Our strength lies in the relationships we build with our travel nurses.  Please contact us to explore your options. We would love to be your partner in building your dream career!

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