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With positions rapidly evolving in the healthcare world and the industry facing staffing shortages in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, working with a staffing agency might be just the thing! Whether an organization needs long-term contract consultants, specialized skills, temp workers, temp-to-permanent, or permanent employees, here are a few benefits to partnering with a staffing agency. 

1. Staffing agencies have the right tools and unmatched industry expertise

In this digital age, recruitment is more than just posting traditional and digital job ads. There are many applications, websites and other digital platforms where candidates share their profiles, resumes, and communicate with recruiters. If an organization limits themselves to just posting the job listing, they put themselves in a passive role in the process and might miss out on top candidates. Staffing agencies, on the other hand, have the expertise and have access to the necessary tools to measure candidates’ compatibility across these platforms and act as gatekeepers in providing organizations with the most qualified candidates. 

2. Access to the best candidate pools

According to research, there are around 7.2 million open healthcare positions worldwide due to staff shortages. That means that the competition to hire the most qualified candidates is higher than it has been before. Staffing agencies can put organizations a step ahead in the employee search by connecting them with the top candidates available across networks. 

3. Save time and resources; Increase productivity

There are more than one way partnering with a staffing agency can increase organizations’ productivity and save them valuable resources. Using their in-depth market knowledge, staffing agencies guarantee the most efficient process for both the organizations and candidates. They pre-screen candidates, verify their employment records and assist in obtaining the correct licenses and certifications for maximum efficiency. With a trusted staffing agency handling the job search, organizations can allocate their extra resources internally and increase their productivity and success. 

4. Tailored to your organization’s needs

Whether organizations need temporary or permanent staff, staffing agencies are flexible and can meet their needs. The right staffing agency will assist them through wherever they are needed in the entire hiring process: offer valuable insight on marketing efforts, connect your organization with their network of industry professionals, and more!

5. Faster results and more efficient on-boarding 

Open positions that go unfilled for weeks or even months can be detrimental to morale in addition to being expensive. By partnering with a staffing agency, organizations can fill these vacancies a lot faster than just relying on more traditional job listings. With their ever-growing databases of candidates and the tools to filter their network for the most compatible candidates, staffing agencies are here to find the candidate who not only best fits the job but the organization’s values and culture as well. 

Precision Healthcare is here for you!

We put a strong emphasis on our recruiting practice to be strategic, concentrated, and educated to drive the best quality, fit, and outcomes.  We fundamentally believe that the right strategic partner can boost your bottom line with a strong mission and a clear vision that propels your growth, initiative, and success.

We are more than a staffing agency; we are your partner. 

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